Corridor Mapping.

YellowScan’s systems generate accurate and cost effective aerial imagery
using lightweight UAV LiDAR solutions.

Key Benefits

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Timely Vegetation Trimming

The only technology that gives the true distance to the vegetation in near real-time. Scan fast-growing vegetation sections as frequently as needed

Optimized Maintenance Operations

Ideal for quickly surveying limited sections of the network which has not/can’t be scanned with airborne LiDAR (leftovers, hard-to-access, fast-growing vegetation sections…)

Freedom of Surveying

Quick, light & easy to mobilize, the whole system (UAV+LiDAR) can be carried in a car or airplane luggage


YellowScan systems allow for quick & complete acquisition while eliminating manned airborne or on-the-ground logistics

Use Case

Corridor Mapping


Transmission lines need to be inspected according to regulation in several countries. A minimum clearance for vegetation is required to prevent flashovers.


An airborne survey using a YellowScan system was carried out on thin 20 kV lines, inspecting and mapping the corridor including lines, poles and vegetation.

Recommended Products

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YellowScan Surveyor Ultra

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YellowScan Vx-20

High precision and long-range UAV LiDAR solution

Video playlist

Powerlines Use Case with Hemav

Analysis of land-surface using High Density Georeferenced LiDAR prior to building new power lines (High/ medium voltage)

Corridor mapping: analysis and distance-checking on existing power lines or crossing lines

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If you want to know more, you can download our use cases about corridor mapping.


We have many videos about UAV LiDAR applications on our Youtube channel.

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