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We know LiDAR technology and UAVs.
We get involved in research projects about LiDAR for drone, conduct our own tests, have constant dialogues with people that are affected by LiDAR in some way.

Now we want to share this knowledge with anyone interested in knowing more about how LiDAR works. Therefore we have gathered our comprehensive knowledge about LiDAR mapping in one place to make it easier for you to learn more.

Here you can learn about upcoming technologies, read in-depth articles on different LIDAR-related topics, take part of research results or perhaps plunge into our comprehensive LIDAR mapping knowledge bank – the choice is yours!


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How was mapping before LiDAR?

How was mapping before LiDAR?

Did you know? Before Lidar, mapping was done by combining the triangulation and levelling techniques.   What is triangulation? Remember your...

LiDAR vs RADAR : what difference?

LiDAR vs RADAR : what difference?

Did you know ?   The difference between RADAR (Radio Detection and Ranging) and LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is their wavelength.  ...

EverScan Flies LiDAR to Map Coal Stockpile in Ukraine

EverScan Flies LiDAR to Map Coal Stockpile in Ukraine

Until acquiring its YellowScan Vx-15 for 3D mapping, Ukraine’s EverScan used classic methodology (GNSS, Total Station, etc.) that took much longer to survey and hindered its engineers from achieving high accuracy. Moreover, the data they were acquiring was extremely redundant in terms of providing additional analysis and control, which you get with LiDAR systems.

INFACT Deploys YellowScan Mapper II at Key European Mining Sites

INFACT Deploys YellowScan Mapper II at Key European Mining Sites

LiDAR mapping represents a key exploration tool for a future green mining industry. Over the past two years, INFACT, an EU research initiative in the field of raw materials, has been busy working on the contribution of mineral exploration to transform Europe into a low-carbon and circular economy

WEBINAR: Capture, process and fine-tune your LiDAR data

WEBINAR: Capture, process and fine-tune your LiDAR data

YellowScan presents new professional webinar series, “Straight to the point” for 2020. « Straight to the Point » is YellowScan’s brand spanking new webinar series for professional LiDAR operators and all those who appreciate the survey benefits of laser point clouds.

How does UAV 3D LiDAR mapping work?

How does UAV 3D LiDAR mapping work?

What is this laser technology making mapping possible through vegetation, in low-contrast or shadowy situations? This technology is used in geographical…

LIDAR for Drone Conferences

Each year, we organize special events related to UAV LiDAR mapping

These events are an excellent opportunity to discuss the latest developments of UAV LiDAR technologies, share experiences and meet peers that use LiDAR.

Attendees will gain insight into the LiDAR industry, hear from interesting and innovative users of LiDAR and be part of this great ecosystem. This event is open to all those interested in LiDAR.

We want to make these events that gather people around the topic of LiDAR in an intimate environment where they can get answers to all their questions and concerns. These events have the particularity of being large enough to hear a lot of new stories but small enough to network and make powerful connections within the community. Our speakers are the highlight of such events, sharing their stories and providing tools to better use LiDAR systems.


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