Main features

CloudStation is the proprietary software developed by YellowScan to generate and visualize your point-clouds

YellowScan CloudStation allows a better and simplified experience with your point-cloud data.

YellowScan CloudStation provides a complete software solution to create and manipulate point-cloud data. It allows you to extract, process and display data immediately after flight acquisition. The auto-generation of flight lines and the production of .LAS files are done in only few clicks.

YellowScan CloudStation is a licensed software and every customer will be provided with a single seat floating license. To allow remote work in the field, the customer will have the possibility to check-out the license up to 30 days. Additionnally, the software is provided with support, maintenance and updates.

Optimized and user-friendly graphical interface
Automatic or custom flightline selection
Advanced visualization tools

CloudStation software

R CloudStation Core:


  • Project settings (Coordinate System, LiDAR profile, angle range…)
  • Automatic flightlines selection
  • Process and export in .las format


  • Cloud color (Elevation, Intensity, Echo…)
  • Measurement tools
  • 3D view
  • Custom image export

P Optional modules:


  • State-of-the-art algorithm
  • Seamless strip adjustment
  • Single-click matching process

Technical specifications

YellowScan CloudStation

  • Operating on Windows 10 
  • Automatic updates
  • Offline license mode
  • Optional extra licence seats