Environmental research.

YellowScan’s systems generate accurate, cost effective aerial imagery
using lightweight UAV LiDAR solutions.

Key Benefits

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Freedom of Surveying

Quick, light & easy mobilization (the whole system
can be carried in a car or airplane luggage)


Easy-to-use even by non-surveying professionals
(no need to rely on third-party experts or pilots)

Use case

Environmental Research


The Amazon represents over half of the planet’s rainforests. Understanding its dynamics, how it reacts and influences climate change, is a top priority for researchers.


We carried out an airborne survey using a YellowScan system in French Guyana. The data was processed in conjunction with the world-class scientists of Carbomap. Together with YellowScan, a team was able to map both canopy and topography, thus assessing the canopy height of the zone surveyed. Despite the density of the vegetation, a sufficient amount of ground echoes were received, generating a rough digital terrain model.

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Video playlist

A drone-mounted LiDAR studies mound-fields landscapes in Bolivia

An ambitious and adventurous research project led by Doyle McKee, CNRS CEFE, with field operations from l’Avion Jaune team, Bruno Roux and Mickael Jouanne.

A proof of YellowScan’s systems robustness and reliability in very rough conditions!

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