System configuration


  • Scanner: RIEGL miniVUX-1UAV
  • Laser pulse: 100kHz


  • Scanner: RIEGL miniVUX-3UAV
  • Laser pulse: 100kHz / 200kHz / 300kHz

Having a longer range and more accurate system were the prerequisites of the Vx-series.

YellowScan Vx20 is the most accurate fully integrated system from YellowScan’s product range. It can fly up to 100m while maintening accuracy throughout the point cloud. The Vx20 series is ideally suited for applications that requires sharp and accurate descriptions.

Max. Altitude Precision Accuracy Weight battery incl.
Technologies inside
  • Applanix
  • Riegl
UAV Integration
  • Multirotor drones
  • Helicopter drones
Key differentiators
  • High precision point cloud
  • Maximized range
  • Calibrated intensity value
  • Highest accuracy
Technical specifications
General characteristics

Precision 1cm
Accuracy 2.5cm
Echoes per shot Up to 5
Laser wavelength 905nm
GNSS-Inertial solution Applanix APX-20UAV
Weight 2.84kg (6.25 lbs) battery included
Size L35 x W11 x H17
Autonomy 1.5 hours typ.
Power consumption 25W
Operating temperature -20 to +40°C


Shots per second 100k over 360°
Scanner field of view 360°
Operating Flight Altitude AGL natural targets > 20% 100m
Average point density @50m AGL, 5m/s, 90° FOV 50pts/sqm

  100kHz 200kHz over 360° 200kHz over 180° 300kHz
Shots per second 100k over 360° 200k over 360° 100k over 180° 100k over 120°
Scanner field of view 360° 360° 180° 120°
Operating Flight Altitude AGL natural targets > 20% 100m 85m 100m 100m
Average point density @50m AGL, 5m/s, 90° FOV 50pts/sqm 100pts/sqm 100pts/sqm 150pts/sqm

We have fulfilled the gap between having LiDAR on a Drone in our LiDAR toolsets. Our Yellowscan Vx20 does an admirable job of collecting the data in areas that conventional methods wouldn’t be able to touch. Something that can take days, weeks, or sometimes months can reduce time when you use the Vx20 LiDAR.

Read more about one of their mining survey project: Sorrell-Smith Engineering flies LiDAR in U.S. mining site, Saves Client $$$

Jerrad Burns

CAD technician, Sorrell-Smith Engineering Consultants LLC (2SEC LLC) - USA (Arkansas) - equipped with a DJI M600 and a YellowScan Vx20

Package includes
R Hardware
  • YellowScan Vx20-100 / 300

  • Rugged pelicase

  • Charger and 2 batteries

  • GNSS antenna and cable

  • 2 USB flash drives

  • Documentation

R Software
R Services
  • Worldwide support including 1st year unlimited support
  • Boresight calibration certificate
  • 1-year warranty
  • In-person or online training

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