June 25th, 2020

YellowScan team

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Episode 2 : From the air to the ground, get a complete point cloud.

Discover live how Fly&Drive is operated to map infrastructure from an above, oblique and side perspective. Multiplying viewpoints of the lidar survey offers higher chance to have complete coverage of the object of interest. For infrastructure mapping, it allows exhaustive coverage of building outer shell.

In this webinar, you’ll learn :

  • Fly&Drive product unboxing, vehicle setup and operation
  • The quick switch from UAV to vehicle
  • How Fly&Drive answers the need for hybrid mobile/UAV projects

Speakers :

Morgane Selve

Communication Manager

Julien Bernard

Support Manager

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Lasers: classification and properties

Lasers: classification and properties

For safety reasons, Lasers are classified depending on their potential risk of injuries to humans’ eye and skin. By law, all lasers products must have a label mentioning the class level. This number can be written either in Arabic numeral or in Roman numeral.