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Thursday 20 May 2021
Saint-Clément-de-Rivière, France
Begins at 9:30AM (CEST)

YellowScan is pleased to invite you to its headquarters in France!

Every month, we open our doors to all those who wish to learn more about LiDAR technology on UAVs.

This unique Demo Day will be in collaboration with Instadrone and Hexadrone.
Instadrone will fly our Mapper on Hexadrone’s brand new product, the TUNDRA

LiDAR systems are known for their speed in processing data and 3D modeling under vegetation.
For this special demo, we are honored to collaborate with Hexadrone, who will fly our Mapper on their new drone – the Tundra – as well as Instadrone, specialized in technical services by drone.

The objective of this day is to show YellowScan’s high-tech products in a real working environment and to demonstrate how easy it is to generate topographic data with LiDAR for drone.
During this day, you will discover the latest solutions and use cases from YellowScan and its partners through lectures, workshops and open discussions. You will have the opportunity to discover the simultaneous acquisition and post-processing of LiDAR data and photographic data for a colorized point cloud.


Adress :

Saint-Clément-de-Rivière, France

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