Demo days.

Yellowscan is pleased to invite you to its headquarters in the South of France!

YellowScan Demos

Every month, we open our doors to all those who wish to learn more about LiDAR technology on UAVs

You may have already heard of LiDAR technology which is used for diverse 3D laser mapping applications by professionals mounted on UAVs.

We think it is important for you to have the opportunity to actively participate in these sessions, supervised by our technical support experts. It will give you an overview of our business or help you solve a difficult business challenge.

The objective of this day is to showcase these high-tech tools that are our systems in a real working environment and to demonstrate how easy it is to generate topographic data with the UAV LiDAR.

Each LiDAR system has its own capabilities and usage depending on various factors such as data accuracy and precision expected, terrain relief, tree heights, type of drone flown…

YellowScan is committed to helping you regularly discover its LiDAR solutions during live demos. However, there are in fact 3 different ways to get to know our value proposition:

Demo program
During this visit, you will discover the latest solutions and use cases of YellowScan and its partners through conferences, workshops and open discussions.

We hope that by presenting what our team has accomplished in just a few years, we will encourage other teams to prosper in their field.

There are two types of demonstrations:

  • LiDAR demonstrations for Drones (Basic)
  • Demonstrations and advanced training by theme (Advanced)

Watch a demonstration of YellowScan’s two flagship LiDAR systems.

The Vx-20 is THE long-range, high-precision, multi-echo (up to 5 echoes) solution for civil engineering or forestry. The Surveyor is the lightweight and accurate solution for your civil engineering, topography or mining projects. Both systems are demonstrated on the DJI M600 Pro.


Our advanced demos are intended for an audience with advanced knowledge of LiDAR, wishing to deepen or perfect their expertise on specific themes.

Demo Day | YellowScan
Demo Day | YellowScan
Demo Day | YellowScan
Demo Day | YellowScan

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