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CloudStation is the proprietary software developed by YellowScan to generate and visualize point clouds.

YellowScan’s CloudStation allows a better and simplified experience with your point cloud data.

YellowScan CloudStation provides a complete software solution to create and manipulate point cloud data. It allows to extract, process and display data immediately after the acquisition flight. The auto-generation of strips and the production of LAS files are now done in only few clicks.

Optimized and user-friendly graphical interface
Automatic or custom strip selection
Advanced visualization tools
CloudStation software

YellowScan’s software is designed by surveyors for surveyors for complex and long endurance flight operations.

YellowScan CloudStation is a licensed software which provides every customer with a single seat floating license. To allow for remote work in the field, customers have the option to check out the license for up to 30 days. Additionally, the software is provided with 1-year maintenance including support and updates.

YellowScan CloudStation comes as an all-integrated solution.

  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Automatic or custom strip selection
  • Process and export in .LAS format
  • Advanced visualization tools
  • Project settings: coordinate system, LiDAR profile, angle range…
YellowScan Fly&Drive on vehicle
Technical specifications

YellowScan CloudStation

Before we had YellowScan, it was very different… Now we have a new organization and we are able to get precise data fast and easily.

Andrejs Veliks



  • Operating on Windows 10
  • Automatic updates
  • Offline license mode
  • Optional extra license seats


  • Cloud color (elevation, intensity, echo…)
  • Measurement tools
  • 3D view
  • EDL filter
  • Vertical Slicing


  • Project settings (coordinate system, LiDAR profile, angle range…)
  • Automatic strip selection
  • Process and export in .las format

Strip Adjustment: a point cloud enhancing toolbox for the CloudStation LiDAR software.

Even with high-end systems, some data refinement is required to improve precision and accuracy; the catch is that strip adjustment software is often complex. Here, the adjustment of strips or flight lines and the production of LAS files are done in only a few clicks.

Key benefits:

  • One-click adjustment for simplified user experience
  • State of the art algorithms used in the offered adjustment methods
  • Takes advantage of Ground Control Points (GCPs) for final adjustments
  • Seamless adjustment of strips

Before Strip Adjustment

After Strip Adjustment

YellowScan CloudStation - Terrain Module

Terrain: export classified point clouds from the CloudStation LiDAR software.

The Terrain module is providing a better and simplified experience for the customers to extract classified point cloud, this leads to more efficiency and time saving.

Key benefits:

  • Export classified LAS
  • Generate hillshade of your DTM
  • Automatic classification of points as “ground/non-ground”
  • Export Digital Model from your classified point cloud as GeoTIFF (geolocalized TIFF): DSM, DTM, DHM.

Colorization: export colorized point clouds from simultaneous LiDAR + camera acquisition

The Colorization module allows you to combine the point-cloud data you have generated from a flight and combine it with multiple photos taken simultaneously, thus generating a colorized point-cloud. The Colorization process automatically refines the camera alignment with the LiDAR on a per-flight basis ensuring the quality of the final colorized product.

Key benefits:

  • Export colorized LAS files
  • Colorize and visualize your strips in only few clicks
  • Automatic LiDAR – camera calibration refinement
  • Specifically designed for our camera hardware
  • Two colorization methods available
  • Colorization from external orthophotos available
YellowScan CloudStation - Terrain Module