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Tristan Allouis

Dr Tristan Allouis

Chief Technical Officer

Tristan Allouis has led the development of YellowScan systems since 2012. His areas of expertise include computer science, remote sensing, technology development and forestry.
After a Master’s degree in engineering, information technology and electronics from ESIEA (École Supérieure d’Informatique Électronique Automatique), Tristan’s research focused on forest mapping using Lidar data. He received his Ph.D. from AgroParisTech.

Michel Assenbaum

Dr Michel Assenbaum


After some early experiences as a land and sea surveyor, Michel Assenbaum has worked for several years as an international consultant for hydrography and geographical data management. He performed several missions for the World Bank and German lead cooperation projects in Africa and South America.
In 2005 he co-founded L’Avion Jaune, a startup pioneering remote sensing technologies for UAVs and light aircrafts. He has developped the data acquisition and processing systems, as well as navigation electronics software and image processing algorithms.
He occasionnally acts as a speaker at Montpellier University, within their master program on remote sensing and geomatics.
Michel holds Ph.D. in Earth and Planetary sciences from University of Toulouse, a Master in Physical Oceanography from the University Paris 6 / Jussieu, and M.Sc. marine engineering at ENSTA Paris Tech.

Bruno Roux

Chief Innovation Officer

Bruno Roux spearheads Innovation at YellowScan. As a co-founder and operations director at L’Avion Jaune, Bruno masters RPAS conception and developments, and high-resolution multispectral imaging for environmental applications: river beds, coastal-lines, agronomy, archeology, wet-lands.
Bruno started his career as an architect and holds a diploma from the renown Architure school of Paris-La Défense. He is also a passionate aerial photographer, and a former journalist for model aircarft magazines.

Pierre d Hauteville

Pierre d’Hauteville

Head of Sales & Marketing

Pierre is in charge of YellowScan’s commercial activities. He is a smart creative, poised organizer, and contagious enthusiast, with broad experience in Sales & Marketing. He gained several years of international business development experience having worked at Dell, Unilog/CGI and Spex Industries (Horiba Group). He’s fond of collaborative innovation and entrepreneurship, a co-founder of Dell For Entrepreneurs France and an advisor in a few start-ups.
Pierre holds a master degree in Optical Sciences from The Institut d’Optique Graduate School – Paris Tech and a MBA from INSEAD.