LiDAR For Drone 2022.

Hybrid event on June 8-9th, 2022.

YellowScan Mapper+

Advanced performance fitted into a compact survey solution.

YellowScan Explorer.

The new long-range & multi-platform LiDAR solution

New CloudStation module.

Colorization, the new software module by YellowScan

YellowScan Vx series.

Discover the new addition in our Vx range product

YellowScan Mapper.

Our next-generation of integrated LiDAR solution.
With Livox technology, YellowScan sets new standards for UAV LiDAR mapping.

YellowScan Surveyor Ultra.

  • Ideal to map verticals with 360° FOV.
  • Great point density and productivity, ideal for VTOL fixed-wing or helicopters UAV
  • Used for mobile mapping with Fly & Drive.

YellowScan Advantages

We design, develop and manufacture UAV LiDAR systems for professional applications.

Complete Solution

Fully integrated LiDAR solutions with all the tools and customer support (hardware, software & services)

Worldwide Support

Benefit from YellowScan’s outstanding user experience, and take advantage of our customer support from pre-sales to field operations

Cost Effective

Optimize your workflow, expand your business, reduce your worries

User Friendly

Easy LiDAR data acquisition to be more productive in the field

Discover our UAV LiDAR solutions
YellowScan’s product line is fully-integrated with embedded laser scanner, INS, GPS, batteries, and onboard computing.
We designed each system to meet high precision and accuracy needs for 3D mapping.

Diverse surveying needs for aerial 3D mapping
that only lightweight UAV LiDAR solutions can meet.

Mapping through the forest canopy to speed up discoveries

Mapping to help with leveling, planning and infrastructure optimizations or clean up after natural disasters

Powerline survey to detect line sagging issues or vegetation encroachment

Surface/volume calculations to optimize mine operations or decide on mine extensions

Mapping forests to optimize forest management efforts
Measuring vegetation growth speed & disease spreading rates
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