YellowScan designs and develops ultra-compact and lightweight UAV LiDAR for 3D mapping
and aerial remote sensing solutions for drone deployment in industrial & scientific applications

Surveyors Precision data mapping


Surveyors are looking for easy, quick, robust and affordable solutions to generate precision 3D mapping data.

Research airborne laser scanning tools


Researchers are experts in their fields – not aerial surveying engineers; they need easy to use UAV LiDAR scanning tools and technical support for geomapping.

3D laser mapping data GIS

International Organizations

Robust and easy-to-use solutions that generate precise near real-time 3D laser mapping data for GIS/CAD applications.

The professional grade drone has revolutionized aerial surveying; no longer is a manned helicopter or a plane needed to map the topography of an area to generate DEM (Digital Elevation Model) or DTM (Digital Terrain Model) models. Traditional sensors using traditional aircraft or helicopter remain too heavy, too large and too expensive. The YellowScan team is committed to design and develop ultra-compact image sensors and tools based on LiDAR technology. Able to penetrate vegetation, with high accuracy, our UAV LiDAR solutions adapt to various UAV platforms and can generate accurate point cloud data fast, even in the field (compatible with GIS / CAD systems).




We were able to make sense of a chaotic terrain model with a non-intrusive, quick and cost effective method. »
Isabelle-Heitz, Geologist and Founder of Aird’Eco-Drone

For Carbomap, the use of UAV based LiDAR system like the YellowScan is a game changer in forest mapping as it offers very high dense and detailed point cloud data at reduced cost.
Antoine Cottin, Chief Technical O­fficer, Carbomap

In a single 25 minutes flight we covered an area which normal surveyors will cover in four days.
This is impressive. Very impressive.
Andrej Veliks, A-GEO

From planning to post-processing, YellowScan was a valuable partner every step of the way on this challenging project. Our team executed more than 40 flights over 3 days and the YellowScan system never slowed us down or made us wait because of technical issues. In the field the equipment worked flawlessly and the data of the YellowScan system produced was very clean, detailed and accurate.
Chris McMurtry, President, Aerial Inspection Resources

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