Service Presentation

LiDAR Hardware Calibration

YellowScan’s integrated LiDAR systems have a wide range of accuracy and precision specifications. These values are provided on each product datasheet and YellowScan guarantees the quality of the data in accordance with these specifications.

YellowScan provides a calibration certificate with each LiDAR system. It contains boresight angles, accuracy and precision measurements. This procedure is run on a calibration field and guarantees the product specifications.

Camera hardware calibration

A specific camera calibration service can be provided for single or dual camera integration. This service is only available when purchasing YellowScan’s mounting bracket and camera(s) and will be performed over YellowScan’s calibration facility.

The deliverables are a single or dual camera calibration certificate and the corresponding camera calibration file(s) in Terrasolid format (.cal).