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Challenging topography and dangerous conditions make UAV surveying
the solution to produce GIS data for DEM and DTM models

Key Benefits

Discover how our UAV LiDAR solutions can help you perform your work better.

Optimized Operations

Get the data you need to manage your day-to-day stock, reserve and site arrangements and reduce your total cost of operations


YellowScan systems allow for quick and complete acquisition of an entire property while eliminating the on-the-ground logistics and dangers

Rugged & Reliable

Compatible with most difficult field conditions (extreme temperatures, humidity, vibrations, dust…)

Advantages of UAV LiDAR

Mining companies mostly use photogrammetry to map the mines, but it can have its limits as it takes a lot of time to process the data and create the maps. Bad luminosity due to cloudy weather and a lot of vegetation can lead to insufficient data. Also, photogrammetry requires more flight plans, making the process more time consuming.

Sometimes, a mine can turn out to be homogeneous and a photogrammetric scan cannot reveal the proper elevations as the color contrast is weak. However, a LiDAR scan can reveal precisely and accurately the diverse variations in elevation.

UAV LiDARs ensure proper planning and decision making

Mining is a very risky and extremely expensive venture. YellowScan LiDARs can help mitigate these risks and reduce the costs. Mining companies are using LiDARs to capture geospatial information of the natural surface, the infrastructure of a mine and also to calculate the production volumes.

UAV LiDARs ensure proper planning and decision making by providing precise inventory information, accurate pit models and contour maps.

Reduce human and environmental risk

Most importantly, human and environmental risks can be reduced by minimizing human intervention, thanks to YellowScan LiDARs that can be easily fitted onto any drone. In fact, security and safety is the priority and a major factor for mining companies.

So, apart from doing complex inventory and data collection, mining companies are using LiDARs to make their operations safer. They can detect, identify and analyze potential hazards and avoid their impact. It is the LiDAR and UAV that face the danger from above, therefore reducing human intervention as well as the corresponding risks involved, thereby keeping miners and workers safe.

Use case



By their very nature, mines are in remote areas that do not offer good survey control points. Add the lack of access roads and rough terrain, ground surveying becomes impractical. The best option is in most cases an aerial survey.


An airborne survey using YellowScan allows for quick and complete data capture of an entire zone while eliminating most logistical challenges and dangers.

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YellowScan Vx-15
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YellowScan Vx-20
High precision and long-range UAV LiDAR solution
Video playlist

UAV LiDAR Pointclouds – Mining applications

View some YellowScan generated 3D mapping pointclouds:

– La Turbie Quarry (France) with Surveyor LiDAR system mounted on a Altigator OnyxStar drone
– Poussan (France) with Surveyor LiDAR system mounted on a Altigator OnyxStar drone

The data collection has been processed using YellowScan software and TerraSolid.

LiDAR, Photogrammetry and TLS, a case study in a Quarry

Pierre Chaponnière, Application Engineer at YellowScan, presents the benefits of Direct Georeferencing for simultaneous LiDAR / photogrammetry systems versus traditional aerial triangulation in a quarry environment.

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We have many videos about UAV LiDAR applications on our Youtube channel.

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