Lightweight and easy to use LiDAR scanning solutions that enable quick, accurate 3D surveying,
even through dense vegetation.

Key Benefits

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Under Vegetation

Exploration of inaccessible areas (dense vegetation, rugged terrain)

Easy-to-use even by non-surveying professionals (no need to rely on third-party experts or pilots)

Freedom of Surveying

Quick, light & easy mobilization (the whole system can be carried in car trunk or airplane luggage)

Rugged & Reliable

Compatible with most difficult field conditions (extreme temperatures, humidity, vibrations, dust…)
Use case


Map the remains of an iron-age settlement, located under centuries of vegetation on an uneven landscape. The site was excavated and partially restored in the 20th century, but a part of the settlement remains hidden due to terrain.

An airborne survey was carried out using YellowScan scanner. The ruins were clearly identified under dense shrubbery, allowing a greater overview of the site & the ability to map it accurately.

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Video playlist
Uncovering a hill fort under vegetation with UAV LiDAR by Aird’Eco

An inspiring project by Aird’Eco.
Speaker: Isabelle Heitz

Mapping shell craters and infrastructure remainders from World War I
This video is a presentation by Dr Michel Assenbaum, CEO of L’Avion Jaune.

Michel presents an acquisition made using the YellowScan Mapper in the Ardennes forest in France, on an old battlefield of World War I. Under the vegetation, the LiDAR is able to unveil trenches, embankments, former roads or buildings, as well as explosion marks.

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If you want to know more, you can download our uses cases about archeology.


We have many videos about UAV LiDAR applications on our Youtube channel.

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