Solution presentation

Designed to be easily mounted on the DJI M600 and DJI M300 platforms

Single camera option

  • Total weight (cam excl.): 250g (0.55lb)
  • Sony a6000 or A7R compatible AND MicaSense Altum


  • Single camera mount
  • Synchronization cable
  • Rugged pelicase


  • Sony a6000 or A7R camera AND MicaSense Altum
  • 12mm Samyang lens
  • 128Gb SD memory card
  • Calibration service

Technical specifications

YellowScan Mounting Bracket

  • Aluminium made
  • Quick toggle latch release
  • Wire dampening to avoid motors vibration transmission
  • Attachment redundancy (4 anchors to the DJI M600 and DJI M300 platform)