YellowScan Announces New Distribution Partner in Puerto Rico HLCM Group

May 27, 2021 | News

YellowScan’s global distribution network is now more then 20 strong

Montpellier, France and San Juan, Puerto Rico – May 26h, 2021 – YellowScan, a global leader and designer of next generation of UAV LiDAR solutions, announces the newest addition to its global distribution network, HLCM Group Inc.  The HLCM Group has been a leading solution provider for more than 14 years in geospatial, mapping, agriculture, and construction technology in Puerto Rico and across the Caribbean. With this addition to the YellowScan distribution network, the company now has more the 20 partners across the globe.

“Traditionally, LiDAR data collection across the Caribbean used airborne laser scanners mounted on aircraft, with data collected infrequently, thus limiting repeatability and usage. YellowScan can bring affordable LiDAR sensors into the Puerto Rican market allowing for safer, reliable, and accurate data collection with the point density and data integrity needed for high accuracy mapping and applications.  Combined with a simple installation process and the versatility to equip the YellowScan sensors on a wide range of UAV systems we can now offer improved and alternative mapping solutions to our clients” stated Carlos Sanabria, Operations Director of HLCM Group, Inc.

“Picking a new distribution partner is never an easy task. YellowScan takes the choice seriously and works to ensure that every one of your distribution partners share the same values and highest technical standards that we set for ourselves and our products and services. We are happy to welcome Carlos and his team into our community and by extension for YellowScan to become a trusted and valued part of HLCM’s community” commented Cliff Holle, General Manager and Business Development North America, YellowScan.

The potential applications for LiDAR technology in the Caribbean include surveying, construction, forestry, agriculture, geospatial applications, and environmental research. YellowScan can offer innovative LiDAR solutions that are complete hardware and software platforms, easy to use data collection tools combined with an unparalleled level of training and support from our experts. 

Sardar Ali (Far right), Sales and Technical Support Associate with HLCM Group, leading the Bahamas Lands and Surveys training in Trimble Geospatial and the Delair UX11 AG Drone in March 2020’

About HLCM Group, Inc

HLCM Group, Inc, leaders in Geospatial, Mapping, Agriculture, and Construction Technology. With a small, dedicated team based in Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago supporting clients with sales, training, technology support, service & maintenance of advanced technology survey equipment for land and marine construction and mapping, civil engineers, universities, local and federal governments, mining sectors, agricultural sectors.

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About YellowScan

At YellowScan we design, develop, and build our UAV LiDAR solutions to exceed the expectations of professionals that require performance, robustness, and accuracy. Our complete hardware and software solutions are easy to use data collection tools coming with an unparalleled level of training and support from our experts.

Founded in 2012, YellowScan has customers around the world, and its products are used in surveying, forestry, environmental research, archaeology, industrial inspection, civil engineering, and mining sectors. Based in the South of France, we have sales and support offices around the globe.

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Morgane Selve, Marketing Manager at YellowScan

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