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Feb 2021 | News

Vx-20 on DJI M600


Montpellier, France – February 2021 – YellowScan is excited to announce the release of a new addition in our Vx range product. We are now integrating the Riegl Mini-VUX 3 laser scanner.

Following that, we have decided to rename both Vx15 and Vx20 series.

Vx-15 integrating miniVUX-1UAV: Vx15-100 (Current Vx-15)
Vx-15 integrating miniVUX-2UAV: Vx15-200 (Current Vx-15+)
Vx-15 integrating miniVUX-3UAV: Vx15-300

Vx-20 integrating miniVUX-1UAV: Vx20-100 (Current Vx-20)
Vx-20 integrating miniVUX-2UAV: Vx20-200 (Current Vx-20+)
Vx-20 integrating miniVUX-3UAV: Vx20-300

This will apply for all the Vx systems sold from now on.

To have more information about the Vx15 series, click here, for the Vx20 series, click here


DJI M600 - YellowScan Vx-15 UAV LiDAR mapping - 2020

DJI M600 – YellowScan Vx-15 UAV LiDAR mapping from MSDI – 2020


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Morgane Selve – Marketing Manager

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