LiDAR in the Time of Quarantine

Or how not to go crazy when working from home

Thanks to our digital age, COVID-19 has everyone around the world sharing the same experience at the same time. That is, we’re all on lockdown to flatten COVID-19’s curve, and we’re all on social media and email. The more we stay home, the sooner the pandemic passes. So what’s not to like, as long as we’re in this together?

Here at YellowScan LiDAR, in sunny southern France where we are nestled comfortably between the Mediterranean and the mountains, we work mostly from home while communicating with our outposts in the USA, Japan, Germany and Australia. Even as our production crew keeps things moving at the office, we’re staying in close contact with our colleagues and clients:

What Clients Are Saying

Jerrad Burns, CAD technician at Sorrell-Smith Engineering aka 2SEC in West Memphis, Arkansas, assures us that things are staying on track. 2SEC flies YellowScan Vx-20, often for mining applications. “We have a skeleton crew in the office and in the field,” he writes. “Some of us if able are working from our homes during these times but are on call to keep things moving along with design, land surveying or construction needs.”

From Quebec, Canada, Véronique Patoine, an engineer with MVT Geo-Solutions, cheerfully notes, “Everybody has been working remotely for three weeks now and unfortunately, I think this will be the case for a couple months considering the situation.” MVT flies YellowScan Surveyor and Surveyor Ultra LiDARs for a range of applications. She confesses, “For sure we have fewer field operations at the moment, but we’re still getting requests for cost evaluations and other projects in preparation. We’re using this time to reorganize the company. It is growing really fast and we have to have a solid base, procedures and so on. We are working on that and we are doing a lot of optimization and business development.” Ever perky, Véronique adds, “Our team is ready for any projects related to public security (landslides, floods, etc.)!”



Back at YellowScan

Back here in the Montpellier area, Laure Fournier, one of our sunniest sales reps, has quickly adapted to telecommuting:

“Working from home has made me gain a lot of time of travelling as I usually have 1h30 to go to the office and come back. So that’s a great advantage on a daily basis! Less carbon emissions, less fuel, more efficiency. I can sleep a bit more but…I’m finding it hard to separate time where I work from time where I’m supposed to be with my family. I tend to work longer hours as I don’t have to travel back and forth or go to a training!”

Normally a super-sporty person who practices the Russian martial art of sambo and plays European football, Laure qualifies her telecommuting this way: “One bad thing about remote work is that I move less during the day and spend a lot of time in front of screens: computer during the day and TV at night for family movie nights. Not allowed to go out for too long means no long walks in the countryside or by the beach!”

Rest assured, however, Laure is not resting on her laurels; she’s been closing in on some great LiDAR deals for us and still manages to get outdoors for the occasional workout.

Writing from cold but sunny Utah is Inga Heller, a U:S. sales rep for YellowScan. Inga reports that things haven’t changed all that much for her since most of her work consists of telecommuting with U.S. clients and the headquarters in France, although she says the days of the week have become less distinguishable during the quarantine.

Her big change?

“Having all three kids at home all the time with the additional effort of homeschooling our oldest. He likes it and the workload is not too bad. To keep our spirits up, we got chicks. They are so much fun.”

Inga adds, “In Utah, only essential businesses are open but we are still allowed to be out and about for hiking, biking etc. It’s beautiful to be outside. Spring’s here and the air quality is better than ever, things seem quiet and calm. So I personally take advantage of a good workout during the day and work at night…For my family, the coronavirus lockdown hasn’t been too bad, to be honest.”

YellowScan’s South America sales rep, Ernesto Ortiz, who is based out of Los Angeles, reports that he’s never seen the city so deserted. (Let’s not forget that the L.A. area is a sprawling megalopolis with nearly 20 million people.)  Ernesto notes that the shutdown has authorities enforcing the quarantine and “closing down public areas like beaches, parks, golf courses and even Disneyland.  Luckily, I’ve had the chance to still to go my physical office to work a day or two out of the week just to get out of the house.  A big positive is that there is no traffic on the freeways and the environment is clean!  Working from home has been going well.”

While YellowScan’s offices remain open on a skeleton crew to respect the demands of social distancing (just one person per room), French president Emmanuel Macron predicts that the national lockdown will begin to relax as of 11 May, depending on further counsel from the surgeon general, Jérôme Salomon.

Please do not hesitate to call our offices or contact us via chat or email if we can be of service.




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