LiDAR for Drone 2019 wrap-up

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March 20th – 21st, 2019
Domaine de Verchant, Montpellier


Archaeology | Forestry | Powerlines | Topographic surveys | Mining | Civil engineering


Back in March 2019, YellowScan organized its third LiDAR for Drone event in Montpellier, in the South of France, where the company’s headquarter is located. The venue was a great place to exchange, network and learn from each other.

This event was an opportunity for suppliers and end-users to come together. It was also an excellent occasion to discuss the latest developments in the industry, exchange with industry players and understand the clients’ needs.

The 2019 YellowScan event focused on the trends that will shape tomorrow’s companies by covering a variety of topics ranging from the advantage of using LiDAR to what to expect for this market in the next few years. In addition, the panel helped guests understand the real assets of LiDAR and how it can be exploited.


Thank you to all our speakers for the wealth of learning opportunities!

Civil Engineering

Kokawa Project – Road construction
Arnaud Lezennec, Senior Application Engineer at Trimble
How were the Trimble SX10 and YellowScan Vx-20 used together to survey a road construction site in the mountains of Kokawa in Japan? This session described the project details, the selection of the different sensors and how the data was processed.

Highway infrastructure survey
Balint Vanek, Chief Technology Officer at Ventus-Tech Ltd
Ventus-Tech surveyed a 47 km-long highway segment in 2018 and produced survey results for the reconstruction of the highway with minimum traffic interruption. This session described the steps and lessons learnt during this process.

Using UAV LiDAR for disaster recovery
Shinji Innaba, GM & Business Development Manager in Japan
In the last 2 years, Japan has faced a lot of natural disasters. The reconstruction of roads, rivers and other infrastructures were required in a short time-frame. UAV LiDAR is a good asset for these kinds of projects. This presentation  showcased different projects and their outcome. The conservative government decided to use UAV LiDAR for civil engineering projects.

Helping construction from above
Bryan Soliday, Chief Revenue Officer at Juniper Unmanned
A renewable energy company needed a LiDAR data acquisition to create access roads and pad sites for a wind farm development in Kansas.


Keynote Speech

The adoption of technology
Lewis Graham, President at GeoCue Group
While LiDAR technology for applications such as topographic mapping is now rather old and common, its deployment on drones is a fairly recent event. This discussion was about making some educated guesses on the future of LiDAR drones and its surrounding technology.

Corridor Mapping


VTOL & LiDAR combination
Martin Herkommer, Head of Sales at Quantum-Systems
This presentation presented a powerful solution for corridor mapping and large surveys. Advantages of combining a vertical take-off and landing with high density LiDAR scanner.



Using UAV LiDAR for archeology
Isabelle Heitz, Founder at AIRD’ECO-Drone
This review of several prospecting archaeological sites mentioned topics such as the contribution of 3D modeling, complementarity with photogrammetry, interpretation of results and specific post-processing tracks.


Using UAV LiDAR for coastal erosion
Bart Zondag, President at GeoInspect Ltd
Climate change, rising water level, storms and hurricanes, or coastal erosion are becoming a threat to infrastructures. GeoInspect presented a LiDAR survey over a Caribbean island. The area around the airport suffered heavily from erosion and a study was commissioned on how best to stop the erosion.

Groundsurface modelling in dense forest
Petter Hoffman, Geospatial Sales Manager at Trimtec
This presentation walked us through the steps of surveying a densely forested area within a project calculated for terrestrial scanning and by using the YellowScan Surveyor on a GeoDrone UAV instead.

 Environmental management of wetlands
Marie de Boisvilliers, Project Manager at L’Avion Jaune
This presentation was about surveying a bog in harsh environments such as an insular forest along the loire river.


Future of 3D-multi channel LiDAR
Dieter Gabriel, Marketing Manager at Velodyne
This session presented the latest developments in 3D LiDAR technology, the role of multichannel LiDAR sensors as a key enabler for autonomous industry applications, status overview on the sensor, range and resolution, application examples and outlook to the future.


Riegl LiDAR waveform technology
Philipp Amon, Business Division Manager at Riegl
Laser scanning, since its first introduction, has seen constant growth whilst gaining significance as a means of gathering information for an ever increasing field of applications. With the RIEGL VUX-1 laser scanner series and the lightweight RIEGL miniVUX-1 laser scanners, that possibility has now been made accessible for use on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Use Cases using Vx-20 Dual Camera
Brian Soliday, Chief Revenue Officer at Juniper Unmanned
This presentation was beneficial in getting a deeper insight of the use cases using the YellowScan Vx-20 combined with the dual-camera photogrammetry option to get colorized point clouds. It emphasized the complementarity between LiDAR and photogrammetry.

Demo Processing & Application
Pierre Chaponnière, Application Engineer at YellowScan
This session described the complete YellowScan workflow from exporting the data out of the LiDAR unit to generating the point cloud. This included trajectory correction with Applanix POSPac and point cloud generation with YellowScan CloudStation.

Technology PP-RTX
Jesus Ruiz, Regional Account & BDM at Applanix
This presentation was about the PP-RTX technology from Applanix, advantages and limitations in UAV LiDAR applications.

Presentation of YellowScan Products
Laure Fournier, Business Development Manager at YellowScan
During a general YellowScan presentation, our guests had the opportunity to learn more about our hardware/software and their use cases.



TerraSolid training
Arttu Soinien, Chief Technology Officer at TerraSolid
Terrasolid develops software for processing airborne and mobile LiDAR data and images. This session presented TerraSolid modules followed by a light training on the software using the data from the field demo.

Field Demo
Pierre Chaponnière, Application Engineer at YellowScan
A field demo took place along the southern edge of the Verchant domain. The YellowScan Vx20 dual camera was mounted on a DJI M600. The guests could watch the demo from the terrace.

Dielmo3D Geoportal
Rafa Torro, Business Developer at Dielmo3D
Dielmo have built their own LiDAR processing platform utilizing parallel processing to increase production capacity. This session presented by Dielmo Geoportal & Web GIS with solutions to easily use your data from the acquisition.


Mobile Mapping Demo
Mattia Ventimiglia, Technician / Pilot at Microgeo
This very first mobile demo included 2 phases:
a short flight with the Surveyor on DJI M600 capturing the northern vegetated alley of the domain
a car-borne scanning session. The subsequent data processing merged both.


Round table
What applications are best suited for collecting data from small unmanned aircraft, and what are the best sensors to use ? How might this change in the future ?

Wrap Up Session
A Wrap Up session was organized as a conclusion for the conferences that were presented during this 2-day convention.

Thank you to our partners and sponsors

Ready for another session? Meet us at LiDAR for Drone 2021 in Montpellier!

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