ILMF 2017


YellowScan will be exhibiting on the prestigious International LiDAR Mapping Forum in Denver from February 13th to 15th. Come and meet us on booth 35.

For the presentation of our latest product, the LiveStation, attend our workshop with our CTO and Sales director at 9.30am on Monday 13th, track II.

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We look forward to seeing you there!

YellowScan and ECA Group demonstrated the capabilities of the Surveyor LiDAR combined to the UAV IT180-120 for corridor mapping.

Points tous1: High voltage powerline and surrounding vegetation.

On the 16th of November, YellowScan and ECA Group put on a show in the South of Paris: the integration of the latest generation of LIDAR systems from YellowScantm, the Surveyortm, on ECA Group UAV IT180-120tm UAV enabled the acquisition of a very precise point cloud of 3 high voltage lines and their vegetation surroundings.

Points sol2: Ground points after classification.

It has been shown to attendees how easily the YellowScan Surveyor system can be mounted on the UAV IT180-120 electrical platform and how convenient data acquisition and retrieval are.

13 : Guests gathered around the IT180-120 UAVs.

The UAV IT180-120tm is a contra-rotary helicopter drone with a heavy payload capability. It was initially designed for military applications: it has 120 minutes autonomy, is rapidly and easily deployed, to enable the acquisition of data anywhere.

The Surveyor is easily mounted on many different platforms including multirotor, helicopter or fixed-wing UAVs thanks to its lightweight and compact design: 1.6kg including the laser scanner, IMU, GNSS, embedded computer, data storage and battery. Its sub-5cm accuracy makes it ideal for precise topography and demanding requirements of applications such as corridor mapping and mining.

Profil participants4: Point Cloud over the crowd, shed and parked car.

For powerlines, the data retrieved from the Surveyor enables the visualization of the powerline itself as well as the vegetation corridor and any potentially offending vegetation. This solution is ideal to identify needs for maintenance and pruning.

Profil vegetation5: Cross-section showing the vegetation corridor around the powerlines.

News Release: AltiGator and YellowScan unveil a 5.6kg survey-grade LiDAR UAV all integrated system, ideal for centimetric urban surveys.

Drone vol 0956

AltiGator and YellowScan are pleased to announce an ultra-light weight LiDAR UAV combo allowing for the first time centimetric UAV surveys in urban areas, in accordance with most regulations.

The YellowScan Surveyor ultra-light stand-alone LiDAR system is embedded on the OnyxStar® XENA multirotor UAV, which is the last generation professional drone designed by Altigator.

Compact, light, powerful and foldable, Xena is the result of the analysis of users’ operational needs and months of Research & Development in order to release this versatile “off-roader” type of drone.

Dust proof, it can be transported either in a small-size case, or even as a backpack, which makes it the ideal solution to perform survey, mapping, environmental and mining monitoring of areas up to 100 ha on any type of field.

With a total take-off weight of 5.6kg including the YellowScan Surveyor system, the aircraft can navigate autonomously up to 25 minutes with 1 single battery, and can also lift a combined camera to mix Lidar scanning and photogrammetry.

Years of partnership between YellowScan and Altigator and renowned references worldwide demonstrate the effectiveness of their systems.

The YellowScan Surveyor includes:
– High-end Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) allowing precision measurement of the attitude
– Dual-frequency GNSS receiver, capable of operating in RTK or PPK positioning mode
– Multi-echo laser scanner
– On-board computer for continuous data acquisition and processing
– Battery (up to 1.5 hours of autonomy)
– Worldwide technical and operational support

YellowScan Surveyor Key Specifications:
•    Precision: 4cm
•    Absolute accuracy: 5cm
•    Laser scanner frequency: 300 kHz
•    Weight: 1.5 kg battery included
•    Power consumption: 15W
•    Autonomy: 1.5 hours typ.
•    Size (mm): 100x 150 x 140

YellowScan Surveyor benefits:
•    Designed by surveyors for surveyors
•    Robust and reliable
•    Turnkey, quick and simple to operate
•    Fully autonomous, can be mounted quickly on any drone
•    Sub-decimetric accuracy and highest density for demanding survey applications

Founded in 2008, Altigator is among the first European manufacturers of commercial drones -under the OnyxStar brandname- certified by several National Civil Aviations authorities worldwide.

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At YellowScan, we design, develop and produce UAV Mapping solutions for professional applications. Fully integrated, ultra-light and easy to use, these highly automated data collection tools are operated worlwide in various fields such as surveying, forestry, environmental research, archeology, corridor mapping, civil engineering and mining.
With more than 10 years of field experience, YellowScan is committed to delivering the highest level of performance, reliability and robustness for its solutions. Our platforms are field tested all over the world in multiple environments (tropical forest, bare soil, mountains, rivers, coast lines, open-pit mine, power lines).

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Intergeo 2016 in Hamburg

YellowScan will attend Intergeo 2016 from October 11th to October 13th. This event will take place in Hamburg, Germany.

Come and meet us in Hall A1 booth B1.035 to discover or know more about our LiDARs: the Surveyor and the Mapper. 

Intergeo Hamburg 2016

Tell us what your applications are, we’ll help you design the best fitted solution to your needs: which LiDAR? With which UAV? What post-processing software?

YellowScan is dedicated to providing world’s lightest all-integrated LiDAR solutions for UAVs to the market and is supporting clients worldwide in their decision and acquisition processes.

Why attend Intergeo 2016?

If you are interested in innovative products and services in the GEOSPATIAL sector, INTERGEO is the place for you!

The trade fair covers the entire spectrum of processing, using and analysing geodata. Exhibitors and visitors discuss the latest developments in the sector over the course of three days. The trade fair’s various topics guide visitors along the entire value creation chain – INTERGEO’s broad range of topics covers every possible wish.

INTERGEO showcases the entire value creation chain under one roof – from data capture, technologies and processes right through to finished products, visual representations and solutions.

About YellowScan UAV LiDAR systems

YellowScan develops lightweight UAV LiDAR systems. The Mapper was developed for UAV Mapping and was the first lightweight UAV LiDAR available on the market, with its 2.1kg. The Surveyor, LiDAR scanning system launched in February 2016, is designed for UAV Surveying needing a high precision and accuracy.

R&D development for the YellowScan Surveyor solution began in early 2015, with the same philosophy and technology foundation that has made the YellowScan Mapper so successful. With a robust and fully integrated system designed to meet the needs of most demanding survey and terrain professionals, YellowScan Surveyor is quick and easily adapted to any drone, generating data when and where you need it.

The team has carefully selected and deployed the best high-end components for unparalleled level of performance; for example, the Applanix APX15 single board GNSS-Inertial solution chosen for its highly accurate position and orientation direct georeferencing.

Applications include Mining, Civil Egineering and Corridor Mapping: Wether you need to evaluate your stockpiles, generate the Digital Terrain Model (DTM) of your quarry and surroundings to extend it, obtain the topography of a wooded area to design a future road or railway, or survey the vegetation corridor to prevent accidents, the Surveyor is the right UAV payload which can be complemented by photogrammetry.