July 18th, 2019

In partnership with Quantum Systems

Free replay available

How to collect a large amount of data with VTOL drones and LiDAR combination

The combination of the YellowScan Surveyor and Surveyor Ultra with the Quantum-Systems Tron allows for extraordinary efficiency and accuracy to support asset management needs for numerous industries.

The key features in this webinar are :

  • Fast and accurate data collection / night and day
  • Corridor mapping with true 160° field of View
  • Digital Terrain models below Trees and Forest
  • Higher point cloud density and accuracy
  • Full integration with other mobile and terrestrial LiDAR data
  • More options related to data collection altitude, speed and coverage
  • Faster and flexible turnaround of airborne LiDAR for project applications

Speakers :

Julien Bernard

Application Engineer
at YellowScan

Morgane Selve

Communication Manager
at YellowScan

Martin Herkommer

Head of Sales
at Quantum Systems

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