Accurate 3D mapping can only be achieved via aerial drone surveying
that generates imagery data and can penetrate vegetation

Key Benefits

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Easy-to-use even by non-surveying professionals (no need to rely on third-party experts or pilots)

Freedom of surveying

Quick, light and easy mobilization (whole system can be carried in a car or airplane luggage)

Rugged & Reliable

Compatible with most difficult field conditions (extreme temperatures, humidity, vibrations, dust…)


Affordable exploration of limited areas (much cheaper than classical airborne LiDAR)

Higher accuracy of biomass estimation, under canopy layer and ground modelisation.

Because YellowScan’s systems can fly lower and slower than a standard airborne LiDAR, it provides a higher point density and more echoes under canopies. This leads to a better classification of trees, a more accurate modelling of the canopy layers and ground topography. Thus, biomass estimation is more accurate.

Use case



Whether it is a commercial or governmental activity, forest management requires data on forests to make proper decisions. Even if photogrammetry can be useful for tree species identification, it is not accurate for inside-canopy information and cannot give a precise information about DTM under dense vegetation. Hence, it cannot provide a reliable tree height measurement.


An airborne survey using a YellowScan system is the only way to penetrate the vegetation in order to produce a terrain model (DTM) and get inside-canopy information for tree species identification, height and size measurements or volume of wood per hectare information.

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Video playlist

UAV Survey of a forest – LiDAR explained

This video is a presentation by Dr Antoine Cottin, CTO of Carbomap.

Antoine explains very clearly how LIDAR technology works and its forest management applications.

Forest Management: “Measuring tree heights on small scale areas in order to evaluate the forest’s state and productive areas”

Tree Growth Detection using UAV LiDAR

Tree growth detection methods comparison: TLS / Photogrammetry / UAV LiDAR

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