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Carbomap uses UAV based LiDAR system in forest mapping

For Carbomap, the use of a UAV based LiDAR system like the YellowScan is definitely a game changer in forest mapping as it offers very high dense and detailed point cloud at reduced cost.
Antoine Cottin, Chief Technical O­fficer, Carbomap.



Forest inventory consists of data collection for assessment and analysis. ­ e aim is to calculate the number and volume of trees, basal area and the worth of timber, but also to assess the risk of fire. Today it is usually done on foot, with issues such as difficultcult access and vast areas to cover. A sample is therefore measured and interpolated to the rest of the forest, giving an estimate. Being able to measure the whole forest would reduce the error margin.


YellowScan lightweight UAV LiDARs enable the quick and easy collection of detailed data about the forest structure, which is not possible through the use of remote sensing imagery or Radar and takes longer and costs more with classical airborne LiDARs or on-foot methods. ­The generated point cloud leads to 3D maps of the forest, and further key metrics can be calculated or estimated, such as forest carbon.


  • High density LiDAR data
  • Ground data under canopy
  • Access to difficult areas
  • Small Dataset size
  • Rapid deployment
  • Adapted to small area surveys
  • Use of a UAV
  • Low costs