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YellowScan Support //

Our team is dedicated to offer clients the best experience using our LiDAR systems.

Our support team is composed of reliable specialists with experience in surveying,
offshore and onshore exploration, mining and forestry.

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Our support extends further than the simple operation of the system, it encompasses all stages of your project from flight planning to data processing. We understand your priorities and will swiftly answer the call to help you get the job done.
The hands-on experience of our support team continuously accumulates in the field over the years and will directly beneficiate you in troubleshooting a particular situation. All hands will be on deck to get you back up and running.

YellowScan Support in the eyes of our customers:

Powerlines: Loïc Pavard, Hemav, Spain:
«We benefited from support during the acquisition in the field but also during the data processing, which was highly useful to provide the end customer with the data wanted as our operators were using LiDAR for the first time.»

Embankments monitoring: Gilles Rabatel, IRSTEA, France:
«We had a very close and responsive link to YellowScan support. Each time we faced some issues, which is normal using technically advanced systems, we really had quick replies from the company.»

Mining: Johan Potgieter, TerraSurvey, South Africa:
«YellowScan technical support is very good even on the phone. I have always had perfect support from them.»