(US) +1 801 876 1007
(JP) +81 3 4360 5588
(FR) +33 4 11 93 14 00


Commercial launch of the LiveStation software enabling live visualization of the pointcloud and the Mapper II with improved accuracy and direct georeferencing workflow


Commercial launch of the YellowScan Surveyor


YellowScan SAS incorporated with fund raising from Melies Business Angels & Capitole Angels. International expansion.


Commercial launch of the YellowScan Mapper / LR Innovation Award.


YellowScan first prototypes are tested in various conditions for various applications using various aerial platforms.


Creation of the YellowScan User Club to ensure developments are in line with user needs.
YellowScan developments started in 2012 led by Tristan Allouis and Michel Assenbaum, PhD engineers with UAV, LiDAR, and forestry expertise. YellowScan’s main mission is to design, develop and produce drone imaging sensor systems for professionals across the world.


L’Avion Jaune is founded in 2005 by three engineers with scientific and surveying background. It’s principal mission is to develop aerial high-end imagery services in France.