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Our large organizations customers need robust and easy-to-use solutions that generate precise near real-time 3D laser mapping data for GIS/CAD applications. They need data to manage day-to-day stock, reserve and site arrangements, to reduce your total cost of operations.

They need secure, rugged & reliable tools compatible with most difficult field conditions (extreme temperatures, humidity, vibrations, dust…)

Enedis manages the public electricity distribution network for 95% of continental France.

” YellowScan UAV LiDARs enable the quick and easy collection of detailed data about the powerline and its environment. ” Daniel Dumas – Enedis Vaucluse


GSM Granulats (Quarries) – France

Kumba Iron Ore (Anglo American Group) is an iron-ore mining company in South Africa. It is the fourth largest iron-ore producer in the world and the largest in Africa.


RTE power transmission system operator – France