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YellowScan generates accurate, cost effective aerial imagery using lightweight UAV LiDAR solutions.

Use Case: Corridor Mapping, Power Lines

Objective: Transmission lines need to be inspected according to regulation in several countries. A minimum clearance for vegetation is required to prevent flashover.

Results: An airborne survey using YellowScan was carried out on thin 20 kV lines, inspecting and mapping the corridor including lines, poles and vegetation.

Corridor mapping 3d survey drone

Key benefit of a UAV + YellowScan LiDAR system

  • Timely vegetation triming: Only technology to get true distance to vegetation in near real-time. Scan fast-growing vegetation sections as frequently as needed
  • Optimized Maintenance Operations: Quick, light and easy to mobilize, the whole system (UAV+LiDAR) can be carried in car trunk or airplane luggage: ideal for quickly surveying limited sections of the network which has not/can’t  been scanned with airborne LiDAR (leftovers, hard-to-access, fast-growing vegetation sections…)
  • Security:  YellowScan systems allow for quick and complete acquisition while eliminating manned airborne or on-the-ground logistics

Surveyor - powerlines: point clouds

Video: Powerlines Use Case


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