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YellowScan generates accurate, cost effective aerial imagery using lightweight UAV LiDAR solutions.

Use Case: Power Line Corridor Mapping

Objective: Transmission lines need to be inspected according to regulation in several countries. A minimum clearance for vegetation is required to prevent flashover.

Results: An airborne survey using YellowScan was carried out on thin 20 kV lines, inspecting and mapping the corridor including lines, poles and vegetation.

Corridor mapping LiDAR pointcloud

Power Line Corridor Mapping Use Case

Key benefit of a UAV + YellowScan LiDAR system


  • Timely vegetation triming: Only technology to get true distance to vegetation in near real-time. Scan fast-growing vegetation sections as frequently as needed
  • Optimized Maintenance Operations: Quick, light and easy to mobilize, the whole system (UAV+LiDAR) can be carried in car trunk or airplane luggage: ideal for quickly surveying limited sections of the network which has not/can’t  been scanned with airborne LiDAR (leftovers, hard-to-access, fast-growing vegetation sections…)
  • Security:  YellowScan systems allow for quick and complete acquisition while eliminating manned airborne or on-the-ground logistics

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